French manicure
Fashion & Beauty

The Best and Easiest French Manicure Guide

From Hollywood to Paris’ Broadway model shows, the French manicure had a big impact on fashion and is still widely used to this day. However, why is it called the French manicure if, in reality, the famous nail painting style was created by an American working in the film industry …

All superstitions regarding the Cardinal Bird
Lifestyle & More

What Are the Red Cardinal Bird Beliefs?

Have you ever spotted a vibrant red-colored bird? You may wonder if the appearance of this creature has some kind of spiritual meaning. As a matter of fact, the cardinal has always been playing an important part in mythologies, beliefs, and religions. Therefore, we decided to take a closer look …

The pilgrimage of San Judas day at San Hipolito church
Travel & Leisure

What is San Judas Day?

Have you heard about San Judas day in Mexico? Every year on October 28th, a thousand people will go to the San Hipolito church in Mexico City to pay respect to the patron saint of thieves and lawbreakers, San Judas de Tadeo. Keep on reading to find out about who …

India 's exception to worldwide time zones
Travel & Leisure

Why India’s Time Zone is 30 minutes off?

If there is a 1-hour difference between each time zone, so why India’s time has 30 minutes off from its greater time zone? It’s been a source of confusion for not only travelers and expats, but also for India’s very own people. Let’s set the record straight!

The traditional types of sushi and their history
Food & Drinks

Many types of sushi and their history

Nowadays, Japanese foods are loved by many, and of course, one of the most well-known Japanese foods is sushi. When talking about sushi, most think of Asian food that consists of vinegar rice, dry seaweed patch, and raw fish. But not all sushi are the same. In this article, we …

Recipe of Starbuck's Iced Green Tea
Food & Drinks

How to Make Iced Green Tea Like Starbucks

Did you know that you can make your own iced green tea at home and it tastes just like Starbucks? We cannot deny that Starbucks’ Iced green tea is delightful, but it costs up to $3. You might have been wondering if there was an alternative to save up your …