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a mirror to an upside down and back to front world

Defiance; Revival of Vigilasnce

We begin our lesson by reflecting introspectively:

Question your character
Question your goals
Question your honor
Question your honesty
Question your faith & knowledge
Question your virtues & values
Question your pride & confidence
Question your ego & insecurities
Fears & fragilities
Abilities & disabilities
Hopes & dreams
Memories & accomplishments
Ambitions & motivations
Emotions & devotions
Question your diversity
Vanity & humility
Sanity, security & serenity
Serendipity & self-pity
Question your attitude & perspective

Once the self has been revealed & recognized
The self & the soul can begin to reunite
Thus the potential to be self-actualized and
Your true potential realized

Next we proceed to study our surroundings
And resume our questioning externally;

Question nature & universe
Question freedom & censorship
Question divinity & reality
Humanity & inhumanity
Friends & family
Synergy & synchronicity
Dignity & cruelty
Sanity & insanity
Virtuosity & atrocity
Decency & society
Question rights & relationships
Question love & lust
Question hate & envy
Question history & nationality
Heredity & heresy
Complacency & diplomacy
Authority & depravity
Vanity & validity
Secrecy & conspiracy
Solidarity & hypocrisy
Philosophy & psychology
Tranquility & philanthropy
Question science & technology
Question hypothesis & theories
Question prophecies & theologies
Question agendas & motives
Question progression & consummation
Question evolution & involution
Question claims & decrees
Question laws & criminals
Question crimes & punishments
Question oppression & depression
Question greed & gluttony

Question the apocalypse

If you find such an undertaking
Grave, and insurmountable; then you�ve
Conceded to a life that is merely ordinary
Consenting enslavement and content to conform
Just another sheep in a suitable tie, clean cut and
Dry cleaned, pride in your ignorance, a chip on
Your shoulder and another embedded in your head
Trivial we�ve surmised this life, alas the mere
Process of in-depth and unrelenting questioning
Undermines our contempt for the gifts we take
For granted daily, and the rights we surrender

Burdened by anxiety, and maligned by artificial
Expectations, and delusional responsibilities we
Dismiss the sublime, and focus on the superficial
We�ve forgotten how to cherish each day, thus we
Merely endure, tolerate, and survive
To live life, to be aware and appreciate
To be intelligent and compassionate;
One must question life in this way, for
Inane and unaware we�re only an easy prey

Born in Iran and unto Persian ethnicity; I have a heritage rich in poetry.

An ancient culture embellished by the creative sublime. A historic tapestry laced by such revered wordsmiths. An early victim of circumstance; determined yet in time I�d reap the rewards of the consequence.

My family and life as I knew it would be torn apart by the 1978 revolution, and soon thereafter a bloody war decade long war, making vagabonds of us all. Neo-gypsies, we�d wander about the globe in search of a shelter to call home. The journey would lend an intimate insight unto multi-cultural virtues and values, an acute sense of global awareness. Therefore my youthful memorable experiences would be rich in abundance and vast in variety. Such prosper due to adversities and the sheer magnitude of sites and sounds during my most influential years of growth and development have allowed me a distinct approach and diverse perception of existence, consequently to impact my poetry. This privileged resource; rich in wisdom and emotional extremities would also afford my belief liberty from any secular biases, independent to discover the faith in me and accomplish a somewhat unique sense of spiritual maturity. To me logic's the language of the mind, and evidence of science, alas poetry's the accent of passion, and the expression from the heart.

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