Heyoka Magazine

a mirror to an upside down and back to front world

CONCEPT: Heyoka magazine is a humanitarian and environmental art based magazine, encompassing diverse art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, music, dance, poetry, performance, fashion, film.... Eastern and Western philosophies are united in a magazine forum to create awareness concerning issues of poverty, human rights, the environment, ecology, endangered species, marine life, social/political injustices, psychological and spiritual health.

MISSION: To inspire, inform, confront, shock, satirize, question, philosophize and to shine a bright light on subjects that the mainstream media shy away from. Heyoka is also a monitor of the media and a platform for artistic genres to cross over into other existing fields and domains; such as fine arts into journalism, music into sculpture, painting into film, poetry into fashion and vice versa.

It is a vehicle for film makers, fashion designers, artists, painters, sculptors, poets and musicians to disuss their work and to address various issues, such as the environment and humanitarian causes and how this ties into their work. It is also an investigation of the creative processes and its application with regard to social concerns.

NAME: Heyoka respectfully borrows its name from the Lakota language. In this way we remember the adversity experienced by the Lakota nation while celebrating the unity of all Nations with our content, art and vision.

Heyoka magazine is a project which includes all people, gender, art and writings. We are not exclusively an "Indian magazine" nor do we intend to represent the sentiments of the Lakota or any other First Nation in North America. Ours is an all inclusive expose of collective "universal vision".

DISCLAIMER: Some of the content within does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the editors.